Trying To Fit In

Life is full of differences and dynamics, it is actually the differences in attitude, skills, behavior and social credibility that makes other people prefer or think  some people are better than the other, I have been to school I saw some very smart students in academics, I have seen those school superstars like singers, footballers, pianist, and more all these guys have a social celebrity status at school, we can all agree in that,  they had a reputation I call  them  “want to be like them”(IWTBLT).

GOD made differences as part of his plan to make a “man effective” 1corinthians12:12 says” the body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its parts are many, they form one body. So it is with Christ”. Our own body has organs and parts that are different from one another by they are all equally as important as any other part if you don’t get it trying losing your nail or figure or toe or eyelid or tooth etc, you will realize that our differences in life are so important

Trying to fit in is like forcing a way that ain't your path, is like trying to put a shoe of size 40 while your size is 45, is like giving a 12-year-old boy presidency of a country( at least not in this century) you will realize later that the more you force your way to fit in the more pain and the exhaustion you will have. Seeing and admiring people can be good but trying to be like them, walk like them, dress like them, eat like them, copying their style pattern can really hurt your calling and serving your purpose

I was once a victim of IWTBLT until I realize I got disappointment and down looking at my self, I got gear shifting. Trying to be some you are not is harmful to your purpose, harmful to your calling. The question still stands what if I don’t want to be like me and I want to be like them? The bible says to seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all other things will be given back to you. The key is here is to seek the business of GOD, making sure that you not overlooked any law of GOD THEN God will turn to serve your desires

Our differences in life shouldn’t be a vessel to dispose of our selves but rather serving your purpose with hoping that GOD is always on the lookout. You can agree that GOD is always on the lookout to find some he can promote, some to anoint to take the reins, read 1samwel 16:1, GOD had already chosen David to be a king. What increase and joy will someone ever gain by being and pretending to be some who is not, our GOD is original so should you be, you are made in the image of GOD and the difference is the key to fulfilling our destiny here on earth. I encourage you today be original, being fake makes you cheap and taken for granted but original always prevails.



Jacob benedict Ihuya



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