We have heard succession on many occasions especially when there is a step-down or retirement, succession is there to make sure the goals or vision that a person, company, country, etc has to come into completion, GOD indeed has a succession plan to humankind. In fact, God has put succession to make sure everyone who serves him knows that they have a deadline. We are born, we grow, we live, we get married, we work, we raise children, we retire from work or business and eventually we die. The bible in Ecclesiastes 9:3 tries to say that the destiny of everyman is overtaken by death. We have a responsibility and many of us think we have all the time in the world but indeed we don’t.

Succession is making sure your vision does not run in vain, succession makes sure that your work does not stop after you are gone, indeed doesn’t matter how great you are, how talented you are if you cant bring someone your level, your intellect, your skills, your whatsoever name it,  you will be considered a failer.  Some of us think when we have reached prime of our time in life, we think we owe nobody thanks and we begin to think why should I help someone?,” if I make it then someone else will make on their own”, am sorry to disappoint you but that’s a very wrong mentality.

Moses has a successor and he learned well from Moses plus things he should and things he shouldn’t do before GOD his name was Joshua, Elijah had a successor who was Elisha to name a few and they had an excellent work. 

Listen we are called to help others reach their potential in life only then we will be regarded successfully completed of our work here on earth. Imagine you forming a company and at the retirement time no one is there to lead the company, imagine you are a preacher and as days go by you haven’t yet had someone with the same spirit as yours to carry the ministry ahead, imagine you are a tennis player and yet you have no time to train help others  to be as good or better than you are, imagine you are an excellent saleswoman and yet you have no one to mentor in your area of work, imagine you are a singer and enjoy being the only talented singer among your peers, imagine you are an actor and have no one to nurture to get their career kicking in acting, imagine you are a pilot and yet no one in your family wants your career, imagine you an inspiration speaker and yet before you begin your public talk you have no one to shout to as an upcoming speaker etc

All Elijah has a successor and saw double of his anointing went to Elisha, can someone begin to tell me why in 2 Kings 13:21 when Elisha bones ones touched someone got life, Someone resurrected? Elisha had double the anointing of Elijah and yet he had no one to succeed him, no one gets the triple of double of Elisha's anointing. All were considered done when Elisha died, the question remains what would you want people to remember you when you are gone? what legacy do want to leave to the world? When God calls you who would thank you for helping them succeed in their lives, careers, etc. what I love about GOD is he always gives us a second chance, you are not too late. Start now and be a blessing to someone


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