Strange Bible Facts

The Holy Bible is a religious book for those who believe in Christianity. It consists of loads of information and instruction from all aspects of life; such as love, hate, marriage, divorce, fight, decision making, motivation, time, problem solving, how the earth was formed, and many other things. It is a rule book for a healthy living. Going through some interesting facts about the Bible is certainly fun. However, there are some facts which you might find a bit strange. These are some of the facts that you may have missed out on in your daily reading.

Few Strange Bible Facts
  • King Solomon lived with 700 wives and 300 concubines, which is depicted in 1 Kings 11:3 of the Bible. His livestock also included 12,000 horses.
  • When Noah built the ark, he was already 600 years old, and when he died, he died at 950. These facts are shown in Genesis 7:6 and Genesis 9:29.
  • The miraculous food to Israel 'manna' had a wafer like taste made from honey and appeared to be like white coriander seeds. You can find about this fact in Exodus 16:31.
  • According to Ruth 4:7, people from Israel exchanged sandals as a symbol showing that the transfer of property or exchanging of goods has been finalized.
  • After God prepared 'The Ten Commandments' and gave it to Moses; Moses wore a veil because his face was brightly shining after meeting the Almighty. You can refer to Exodus 34:33-35 for the story.
  • Genesis 5:5 says that when Adam died, he was 930 years old. He was very close to the overall living years of Noah.
  • According to Colossians 4:14, Luke was a physician by profession, filled with the power of God within.
  • If you go through Matthew 27:53, you will find that just after Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, many saints rose from the dead; and after his resurrection, they went into the city and were seen by people.
  • In 2 Corinthians 11:24-25, Apostle Paul had been through a lot of tragedy which mainly included being beaten five times and shipwrecked three times.
  • As pictured usually, the three wise men were not present when Jesus was born in the manger. They met Jesus and presented him with gifts at Joseph and Mary's house a little later, as mentioned in Matthew 2:11.
  • It is a strange fact to know that just the iron point of the spear that Goliath was fifteen pounds in weight. You can go to 1 Samuel 17:7 for reference.
  • When Pharaoh's daughter found Moses at the river in the basket, he was a four-month old baby, as given in Acts 7:20-21.
  • People in the old testament wore a sackcloth to show others about their mourning. You can find reference to this fact in 2 Samuel 3:31.
  • The people of Israel were allowed to consume insects like locust, katydids, crickets or grasshoppers as food. You can find this fact in Leviticus 11:22.
  • In Genesis 2:5-6, you will find that God did not make it rain in Eden garden, so the plants consumed water from streams coming from the ground.
  • Jesus lived on the earth for forty days after his supernatural resurrection, as said by Acts 1:3.
  • 1 Kings 17:21 says that prophet Elijah stretched out on the widow's dead son, prayed to God to get him back to life, which God granted.
  • There are two men in the Bible who, without dying, were taken up to heaven by God. They are Elijah and Enoch of whom you can find in 2 Kings 2:11 and Genesis 5:23.
  • In Genesis 5:25, it is stated that the longest living person in the Bible was Methuselah who was alive for 969 years.
These are some interesting Bible facts to take note of. One of the weird and interesting facts about the Bible is that it is the best-selling, yet the most shoplifted book in the whole world. You can get some more interesting facts of the Bible in the following.
  • Wisest Man in the Bible: Solomon
  • Strongest Man in the Bible: Samson
  • Bible Translations: Around 1200 languages and dialects
  • Number of Books in the Bible: 66
  • Number of Books in the Old testament: 39
  • Number of Books in the New testament: 27
  • Number of Chapters in the Bible: 1189
  • Number of Chapters in the Old testament: 929
  • Number of Chapters in the New testament: 260
  • Number of Verses in the Bible: 31,173
  • Number of Verses in the Old testament: 23,214
  • Number of Verses in the New testament: 7,959
  • Longest Chapter in the Bible: Psalm 119
  • Shortest Chapter in the Bible: Psalm 117
  • Shortest Verse in the Bible: 'Jesus Wept' (John 11:35)
I hope you have enjoyed the above-mentioned interesting and strange facts about the Bible. There are many times when you may think about a fact as strange just because it is understood differently. Remember that each word written in this Book of Life is absolutely true. Before reading, pray to God to help you understand the Bible clearly.

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