South African pastor raises eyebrows after using live snake to cast out demons from followers

- The pastor used a live cobra to perform miracles on his congregants 
- Photos which are going viral online show his followers all too willing to be cleansed using the snake 
- He also wrapped the live snake around his pulpit as he delivered a sermon 
- The pastor becomes the latest among many bizzarre African religious leaders to stun online users 

 African pastors are a rare breed in the religious front and sometimes it is not really for good reasons. A South African pastor recently left the world stunned after he decided the most divine way to exorcise demons from his congregants was through a live snake. 

In photos seen by Injili Online Blog that are fast going viral, Pastor Lesego Daniel of the Rassoni Centre Ministries stunned his congregation after using his pet snake to 'heal' people of their sins. One bizzare method he used to achieve this was to offer the masses holy communion which had been ‘sanctified’ by the snake. 

Even more strange, the pastor during his sermon had the snake wrapped around a small cross and at one point, he had the reptile on the pulpit as he delivered his sermon. 

One astonishing bit about the whole situation was the fact that the congregants did not seem disturbed by the happenings at all as they continued taking in the sermon. 
Pastor Lesego’s stunt is not really the strangest thing to have graced an African church as religious leaders always seem to be in competition on who can garner the heaviest controversy and members while at it. 

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